I have quite a quandary on my hands currently. You may remember my last post talking about the BoobieThon Fundraiser I am doing for the first two weeks in October? Well, that tank was a full perm mesh product I bought on SL Marketplace. It was my first mesh purchase and I was eager to play around with the new tool, as I have just recently been able to SEE mesh for the first time.

When I purchased the tank, I found some things I didn’t particularly agree with so I wrote a mediocre review of the item. Here is exactly what I said:

This is my first full perm mesh purchase. There were no instructions included with the package. I also found the texture maps to be painfully fuzzy. Trying to line up any sort of detail wasn’t worth the time. Overall it was a good “lab rat” to test on, but I am a bit disappointed with the provisions.

I gave the item 3 stars and entitled the post “Okay“. (I am telling you this now, because the builder has since removed the item completely from SL Marketplace.)

Admittedly, this graphic was created to get you to read the full blog post.


When I logged into Second Life next, I was greeted by this message from the builder:

Hi Maris, Thanks for buying and trying the Mesh ladies vest tank top fashion template, i am sorry for the experience you had with it i returned your 200 L$ , i like you to know that i am selling fashion kits templates and my customer line is texture makers for mesh clothes, this top sold almost 1000 and it is for sale on the marketplace with 100s of different textures. no-body has reported problem about the uv maps or textures yet, anychance can you please delete the review and send me snapshop of the problem so i can fix it. also at the future you can ask for demos from me when you decide to buy a clothes from my store. or you can ask for a refund directly when you cant texture or you dont like the item.

My name is Marls, but that’ s okay. Everyone messes that up. I felt it was weird that she had preemptively had given me my money back and directly asked me to take down my review. I thought for a long time about what to say in reply. I had no intention of taking down my review, since it was neither bitchy or incorrect. I was giving simple honest feed back. This was my reply:

While I understand your forward behavior to pay me back and ask me to delete my review. I kindly decline.

I thought it was understated and simple – and I paid her back the $200L for the purchase of the item. I do think it was forward of her to just assume I would take back my words. I felt like she was trying to buy me out of my own opinion. Suddenly, I felt I was in this weird alternate universe – or maybe it was just an election season?

When I logged in this evening, I received this openly hostile message from the builder:

Forward Behavior ? You are leaving negative feedback without contacting seller, when seller offer refund and help aswell on top, you are declining, you are very ill intended person , i returned all your lindens 600L$ back to your for all the items you purchase, please keep away from my store, they dont meet your quality expectation so again plase dont buy again from me. always remember not to buy from meli imako. and delete my items since i returned your lindens and i am taking my licence back for the items. Good bye

I have no idea where this came from? Suddenly, I am a midst some weird cat fight that I had no idea would even start! I thought I was allowed to have my opinions? I thought that was the point of “reviews” on SL Marketplace?

Now, I have no idea what to do. My product is up at the BoobieThon Fundraiser and I don’t really want to take it down. This woman has “taken back” the rights by paying me 3 times what I paid for the original mesh AND I can’t find how to send in a ticket to Linden support!! I don’t want to be in bad with the Terms of Service, but at the same time… This is fucked.

Am I just being a bitch?
Should I just take down the product?
Please let me know your opinions.

I am open to hearing them, sincerely. I will gladly take down my fundraiser item if this blows up into I am being a total cunt. I’m totally okay with that. But if this feels as weird to you, as it does to me, lemme know. I feel like I just entered some weird ass twilight zone.


3 thoughts on “Quandary.

  1. Hmmmm. In my opinion you did absolutely nothing wrong. You’re review was honest and not that negative. Your sample of the fuzzy textures you received with the product are evidence that the product is worth the rating or even less. I think your 3 stars were generous, actually. She is apparently extremely touchy, emotional & angry… In my opinion I would re-do the garment. It’s a lot of work but you can be free & clear of the drama. You might also send her a link to your popular blog so she can see the problem with the fuzzy texture. ~Paisley

    • Thanks Paisley for your support. I’m gonna just ride out the BoobieThon. I’m not getting any of the proceeds, so I think it should be okay.

      After that. I won’t use the template ever again.

  2. I have noticed a distinct trend lately in online sales in general to be very against pretty much any review other than 5 stars. A seller would rather no review than anything non-perfect.

    I have seen this on Ebay, and even occasionally on amazon. I don’t do enough reviewing on SL to notice it here, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see a similar trend.

    I think this has a lot to do with the fact that, with so many options, people ignore even looking at things without very high reviews, and there are lots of ‘fake’ 5 star reviews out there.

    I am not saying that this justified her over-reaction of course, just trying to shed light on a possible reason.

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