Find the Gourd Halloween Hunt!

Vaughan’s house of curiosities is conducting its very own Halloween Hunt starting today and running until October 31st. There are THREE (3) gourds hidden inside and outside of my main shop. In each gourd are great prizes which are NOT available in the store currently.

Prize #1: The Oppenheimer Pipe
Ever felt like you just weren’t getting enough smoking in during your real life hours? Now you can make up that lost time and start carrying around this distinguished old man’s pipe. Suitable for every situation! It could be yours for FREE, just find the gourd!

Prize #2: Hannah and Her Scissors
This lovely necklace will keep dissection scissors where they should be, near your heart. Find the second gourd, and make it a special surprised by giving this fine jewelry away to your sweetheart. She’ll love you forever!

Prize #3: A Dreadful Top
Sometimes a woman’s best accessory is her breasts, sad but true. Seek out the third gourd for this cleavage popping top and woe hearts and minds! Does not work on Republicans – Sorry 😦

I hope you enjoy this hunt as much as I did pulling it out of my ass. If you need hints, offline or email me.