New MESH Releases from VAUGHAN’S

Two new releases from VAUGHAN’S just in time for absolutely NO holiday events this year. I have flawless timing, didn’t you notice. Anyways, I do hope you enjoy them. DEMOs are available at the shop: KISSES! OXOX

The Sarah Scape
Colors Include: Hazel, Mustard, Teal, Plum
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Also includes alpha.
Price: $210 each OR $750 4pack


Alternative Materials Slacks
Colors Include: Rice, Tarp, Insulation, Organic
Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L
Also includes alpha.
Price: $125 each OR $450 4pack


CINEMA runs until October 31st

6:53pm. Not that you would know it. The sky was saturated with pollution and hovering mechanics that took the place of the stars. I remember stars. I remember my mother. NUGen implants haven’t discovered those memories yet.

I know the rain is toxic, but I let it pour on me regardless. It is the baptism of my generation. We are pestilent Christians every minute of every day. God fucking bless us.

The taxi generator is broken. Fuck. Evening is never easy in the city. I check the digital logs on the screen and buck up. It will be a long wait in the rain.

2nd Annual Gourd Hunt!

I’m announcing my 2nd Annual Gourd Hunt at VAUGHAN’S :: house of curiosities. There are 4 gourds each with a separate color mesh top for free in the my main store. Find all four gourds and get the complete set! The mesh comes with alpha and five standard sizes. The prizes matched with the gourds are below:

HINT: The love potion does NOT call for gourds.

HINT: Robots love gourds!

HINT: Green things make perfect accessories.

HINT: I sell boys stuff too!

Here is the TP to start the hunt:
Make sure you collect all four!

Love and Halloween Kisses,

2 More Days until Fashion Voodoo Opens!

Be sure to stop by my booth at the Fashion Voodoo! I’m right across from the BIG shop Deer. *claps excitedly* I got bunches of exclusive stuffs just for this event. Check out my post here:

Fashion Voodoo website:
Direct TP to my shop at the event:

Event Runs August 10th to the 30th!

That Crazy Casbah Jive

I whipped up this new freebee for VAUGHAN’S :: house of curiosities. My man and I are BIG BIG Clash fans. He talks about Joe Strummer like he’s our next door neighbor. Yeah, it’s that bad!

NEW Freebee!

So The Clash shirt can be worn by men and women, but I figured I would throw one out for the boys. Also, I reworked my Frank Black freebee. The sleeves were buggin’ the shit out of me. I killed those and put a sculpted bottom on it. It flows much better.

REworked Freebee!

Both are available in my shop. Here’s a tp:

Don’t buy the one on Marketplace – it sucks. Go to my shop. It will be fun, I swear. Make sure you say HI to the cow.

If I Were A Carpenter.

*waves bye-bye*

La Venta Eventa
is saying goodbye to Second Life. The weekly sales delight will be no longer, so we are going to go out with muther fucking bang. I made up this hair called KOOL THING. Yes yes yes. I was listening to Sonic Youth while designing. Go me.

On Sale for only $99L!

The hair includes hair bases to the 4 colors. It is specially marked price of only $99L. That is so cheap, I feel like a dirty hooker in Asbury Park.

Crazy Hair Hunt: Morning Dew

This year I was invited to join the 3rd Annual Crazy Hair Hunt! OMG! So much fun! The theme is Flora and Fauna. I went through a bunch of ideas of including rats, birds and bunnies…. but none of them seemed to gel in my head. So, when it came down to it, I created this morning scene that you can see all the time where I live.

The morning dew is lingering around the blades of grass, while blue butterflies flit around drinking up the water. The crown rests a blooming tree. It was so much fun looking up images of butterflies. They are sooooo beautiful!

Hunt Runs from March 31 - April 30

There is no official “hunt” site, so I will leave you with my HINT. Berty Udderbottom, the cow, says “MOO!” heh.

Special thanks to Eden Knoller and TREEBEE for having join the fun! ❤