2nd Annual Gourd Hunt!

I’m announcing my 2nd Annual Gourd Hunt at VAUGHAN’S :: house of curiosities. There are 4 gourds each with a separate color mesh top for free in the my main store. Find all four gourds and get the complete set! The mesh comes with alpha and five standard sizes. The prizes matched with the gourds are below:

HINT: The love potion does NOT call for gourds.

HINT: Robots love gourds!

HINT: Green things make perfect accessories.

HINT: I sell boys stuff too!

Here is the TP to start the hunt: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Extrem%20Island/194/191/27
Make sure you collect all four!

Love and Halloween Kisses,

Become a Movie Extra

Halloween is here, whether you’re ready or not.

One of my favorite items in my store is something I made about a year or so ago. It’s the Action Movie Extra dresses. They are ripped up and torn like they have been thru hell and back. I love the idea of someone role playing a scene of escaping some evil dude with an ax.


Or you could be the evil GIRL with the ax! That would be even better! Not only are you kicking ass and getting revenge for all the torment you faced as a child – but you are also fighting SEXISM! TA DAAAA! Brilliant!

This little number only costs $98L and it’s Transferable. So you can buy one and then the same dress in another color for your little buddy. There are 5 color options and shit loads of potential to make some fun memories.

You can pick up the dress inworld or on Marketplace.

Hair, LeLutka. Skin, &Bean. Dirt, Miss Shippe’s Studio. Shoes, Pididdle. Black Eye, Vaughan’s house of curiosities. Poses, PDA. Sim, Tormented Woods.

Grand Re-Opening!

I hope you can come by to my new shop. I’m super excited about some of the products that I have made for the grand re-opening of VAUGHAN’s house of curiosities.

Here’s a rundown of everything that’s got pretty NEW stamp on it…

The Thoughtful Traveler Photo HUD :: price: $112L

I’ve included instructions and a sample photo. If you’re new to a Photo HUD and still have questions, I’m happy to help you out. They are SUPER DUPER fun to play with! Trust me. It’s worth it!

Mr. Charles Vodou :: price: $87L

I am filing this under “home and garden” because I’ve no where else to put it. I decided it would be fun to whip up a little vodou doll for Halloween. You can put it on your front door, in your bathroom so no one poops there, or maybe even give it to a friend. Lots of options! I’ve also included some reference materials for a term paper on Afro-caribbean culture. I took a bunch of classes in college on them, and they are most excellent to learn about!

Marie Antoinette Hair :: prices: $279L / FIVE or $93 / ONE

I’ve long since been wanting to make a big poofy hair…with a hat. Yeah. I dunno why but all the bones in my fingers taunted me and said “DO IT!” – so I did it. The Powder White version ONLY COMES WITH THE FAT PACK. Exclusive, baby. Two versions for every color, one with hat and one without. Options, yo.

Petalo Muerto :: price: $87L

I took 4 years of Spanish and STILL had to look up words that would fit for this naming. This is my gentle nod to the Day of the Dead. I love all those little skulls and dead things running around. American are so afraid of death. I’m not really sure what happened to us? We used to put our dead in our own beds and have mourners come to pay respects. Now we don’t talk about it. Weird and sad.

Geisha Yoshida :: price: $67L

Lady Sato Body Ink :: price: $98L

Both of these tattoos were inspired by my man. He’s a painter and has done several Geisha’s in his works. Usually, he involves hash pipes and daggers, but I went for the more mundane route. Heh.

Well, that includes everything. Holy Be-GEEZ! Come down to my new store! Everything will be up on SL Marketplace soon… just as soon as I can shut my cat up from meowing… Can neutered cats still be in heat? He’s been meowing for like 4 hours. *faceplams*

Click here for a TAXI RIDE.