Last Day of the SALE DALE!!

LAST DAY for marked items being 50% OFF or MORE!

Get on the stick and get over there. Otherwise you will miss out. You’ll feel sad and lonely. Because you feel sad and lonely, you’ll got to a cheap SL club. While at the cheap SL club, you’ll meet a horde of Gorean men and suddenly you’ll slip into the world of role playing. Your wife will catch you role playing, and divorce your ass.



PS: I’ve updated my Marketplace to include all new items. Now you can buy your special someone a box full of genetic materials. Ain’t love grand!?

50% OFF 14 ITEMS!

It’s Day 2 of the SALE DALE!

Zombie Log: April 5, 2012

All has been quiet on the Extrem Island sim. No sign of zombies yet. I’ve kept detailed logs of everyone’s comings and goings from the camp. I think Rick is starting to lose his mind. Shane just keeps being an asshole and on his own mission. By the way, why does Shane have to wear his pants so high on his hips? My old friend, who’s dead now thanks to zombies, used to call that “egg man“. It’s weird. I should talk to him about that.

That’s what I got today. We’re keeping hopes high that we have found a zombie-free territory in which we can start again.

To come to our safe haven click here:


Items so cheap, even Dale would feel bad about it!

Hi there! I love combining things, so I am taking my love for AMC’s The Walking Dead and my NEW shop – and making it a SALE DALE! I’m not sure how long the SALE DALE will go on, it depends on how much yard work I have to do while the weather is good! So definitely come by!


A sale item will have a cute picture of Dale, from The Walking Dead, next to it. That way you can explore my new shop and have some fun at the same time. There are two items per “room” – so make sure you go upstairs!


TP there now: