New MESH Releases from VAUGHAN’S

Two new releases from VAUGHAN’S just in time for absolutely NO holiday events this year. I have flawless timing, didn’t you notice. Anyways, I do hope you enjoy them. DEMOs are available at the shop: KISSES! OXOX

The Sarah Scape
Colors Include: Hazel, Mustard, Teal, Plum
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Also includes alpha.
Price: $210 each OR $750 4pack


Alternative Materials Slacks
Colors Include: Rice, Tarp, Insulation, Organic
Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L
Also includes alpha.
Price: $125 each OR $450 4pack

CINEMA runs until October 31st

6:53pm. Not that you would know it. The sky was saturated with pollution and hovering mechanics that took the place of the stars. I remember stars. I remember my mother. NUGen implants haven’t discovered those memories yet.

I know the rain is toxic, but I let it pour on me regardless. It is the baptism of my generation. We are pestilent Christians every minute of every day. God fucking bless us.

The taxi generator is broken. Fuck. Evening is never easy in the city. I check the digital logs on the screen and buck up. It will be a long wait in the rain.

CINEMA opens today!

CINEMA is here and I don’t know about you – but I am seriously excited. I have always been a film lover, and this event was so totally perfect for me. Combining inspiration and Second Life into new creations that are so much fun: perfection.

$350 for one or $1200 for he 4pack.

I love Stanley Kubrick. The man was a directorial genius and visionary. In his film 2001: Space Odyssey, he follows an experimental space crew and their rouge computer. This is where we get the line “Open the pod bay doors, Hal.” Although dialogue is few and far between in the movie, visually it is a stunner. Ride this one out, it’s well worth the ending.

$99L for each set or $250L for the 3pack.

Blade Runner is not only a great science fiction movie, it is just a great movie in general. The story is about a detective who hunts down replicants. These are robots who don’t even know they are robots because they have been implanted with human memories. Based on the the book by Philip K. Dick ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep‘. Too cool doesn’t begin to describe it.

$156L for the port and the wound tattoo.

The Matrix…an easy target for a muse because of it’s own place in popular culture. So why not include a spinal port in my new releases? I say, WHY NOT!

$99L for all four colors.

Lastly, Aliens 3 – the one where Ripley dies in the end. Yeah.. I just loved the fact that in the prison colony everyone has head lice. I think in the future there are some definitely opportunities for lice to get ahead…. *giggles*

Now these are ONLY AVAILABLE at the Cinema event. So be sure and check it out. The experience runs from October 13th to the 27th and here’s the rest of the information for ya:

TP to my shop at CINEMA:
Blog for more information about CINEMA

Feel Your Boobies Foundation!

Yep. Boobies. Second Life is having its fifth BoobieThon and VAUGHAN’S is happy to participate! The event is running October 1 to the 13th! Here’s the TP to my stand:

100% Proceeds go to FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!

Here’s more about Feel Your Boobies from the founders:

The Feel Your Boobies Foundation focuses on one simple mission (and we have since 2004): using media and other unconventional outreach to remind young women to ‘feel their boobies’. Over the past few years, provocative breast cancer slogans have become more popular…and while we’re all about a good chuckle, we’d like to make sure our supporters know that we’re more than a funny slogan. Feel Your Boobies® is a call to action that reminds you about a habit that can increase your chances of early detection and potentially save your life.

Why focus solely on the use media to spread or message? That’s simple. Since 2004, this campaign has run out of our Founder, Leigh’s, home in a small town in Pennsylvania. With a shoestring budget and a few dedicated volunteers and workers, Feel Your Boobies has reached an international audience with its message and saved lives (read our testimonials!). Media (social media specifically) makes this possible. With over 300K “likes” on facebook and more than 1 Million Cause supporters…we’re certainly making waves from this tiny PA town.

Why focus primarily on young women? For women who are pre-mammogram age (under 40), “feeling your boobies” is one of the primary ways to get to know your body and detect changes in your breasts. Even as you get older, this habit can help in making sure you identify a change in your breast as soon as it occurs and bring it to your doctor’s attention. Should the change be breast cancer, early detection is the primary way to increase your chances of surviving this disease.

Their focus on the use of social media and unconventional methods as well as their focus on education and prevention makes this a perfect charity for a community of people who come together from all over the world in a virtual space.

We hope that you will join the fun – and the hard work – again this year to raise money for BoobieThon in SL 2012. Please notecard either Serra (Serra Anansi) or me (Eva Bellambi) in world if you would like to volunteer to create or host an event during this week of fund-raising. Whether you can volunteer in that capacity or not, please do plan on attending several of the fun events during the week (a preliminary list of events may be found below), bring friends, and bring your spirit of giving.

Let’s educate men and women about breast cancer and about how they can save their own lives by the simple act of feeling their boobies at least once a month.

See you there!!
Eva Bellambi and Serra Anansi

Here’s a FULL listing of all the events:

October 1st through October 12th
Two week long Merchant Market

October 7th through October 12th
Art Auction

Monday Oct 1st, 7-9pm
Opening Night Party @ Heart of Skye (Gaia and the Fae theme – music by Icarus Ghost) 

Wednesday Oct 3rd, 7-9pm
BoobieThon at the Blue Mermaid, Caledon (Salmoe’s Dance of the Veils theme – Music by Magdelena Kamenev) 

Thursday Oct 4th, 5 – 7pm
Poetry Slam at der Hut

Friday Oct 5th, 6-7pm
Placement of last year’s art consortium piece in New Toulouse 

Friday Oct 5th, 7-9pm
BoobieThon at the Steelhead weekly dance (Pink theme – Music by Fuzzball Ortega) 

Sunday Oct 7th Time to be determined
Art auction opening event, RoHaus

Sunday Oct 7th, 1-2pm
Chess Match @ Chess Garden

Friday Oct 12th Time to be determined
Art auction closing event

Saturday Oct 13, 12-2pm
BoobieBall (Theme: Garden of Eden – Music by Mistress of Ceremonies Gabrielle Riel) 

Saturday Oct 13, 6-8pm
BoobieBall (Theme: Garden of Eden – Music by Mistress of Ceremonies Gabrielle Riel) 

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! Remember to FEEL YOU BOOBIES every month!
Love and Nipple Kisses,


That’s right. I couldn’t resist making a tattoo of some ants crawling on your face and about to go into your mouth. I know it’s totally fucked up, but I thought it was wickedly beautiful too. I saw a version of this in a recent feature of Kate Moss. She has like plastic 3-D ants tho – MAYBE I SHOULD DO THAT NEXT!!! *raises eyebrows*

Insecta is on sale thru La Venta Eventa for ONLY $24L!
Modify. Copy. NO TRANSFER!

Here’s a teleport to my shop:

Follow the money.

I love the movie All the President’s Men. Since it’s President’s Day here in the United States, I thought I would put this movie poster together. If you click it, you will see several different country versions. It’s only 5 prims and fun if you love Robert Redford (which I do!)!

Robert Redford is Dreamy
Copy. Modify. NO TRANSFER. | $34L
Includes 7 Country Versions: USA, USSR, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Japan and Czechoslovakia (circa 1979)


Join the VAUGHAN’S :: house of curiosities Group!
and get a free used mattress


The mattress is JUST a decoration for your wonderful apartment, shack, crack house or loving home! Feel the dream of being prosperous by having this staple in your collection. Just enter this address into you CHAT box while in Second Life: secondlife:///app/group/132b3d1c-708c-2186-0fb5-414199d84a77/about

Class like this doesn’t come along very often…seize the opportunity to be better than your neighbors.
It’s the American way.

Festival of Sin Preview: part2

Here are the rest of my NEW ITEMS for the Festival of Sin. They are a bit more whimsical than the SLOTH blood bath room. Heh. Come on all you POT HEADS out there… now’s your chance to wear a POT on your HEAD.

Found Objects Pot Head Hat
Copy. NO MODIFY. NO TRANSFER | Demo Available
Includes Resize Script. Two Attachment Point Versions.
PRICE: $122L

Snake Pit 1496
Transfer. NO COPY. NO MODIFY. | Includes Multiple Layer Versions

Isotropic Sinner Horns Diamond Horns from Hell
Copy. NO MODIFY. NO TRANSFER | Demo Available
Includes Resize Script

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them! The Festival opens tomorrow! I’ll see you there!

Love and Big Wet Muchie Induced Kisses,

Festival of Sin Preview: part1

So here it is… This is the complete information on the SLOTH room inspired by SEVEN. If you buy the room completely, you get all the bits and bobs. But you can also buy the bits and bobs separately! So fear not! Or maybe fear a little.

apartment 306 :: THE COMPLETE ROOM
PRIM: 127 prims – PERMISSIONS: Copy. Modify. NO TRANSFER.
INCLUDES: Bed, Medical Cart, Chair, Tree Fresh Air Fresheners with Additional Tree Freshes in Other Colors, Box Full of Genetic Materials, and Includes 6 Built-in Poses, Plus a Free Holy Bible

apt. 306 :: CHAIR

apt. 306 :: BOX

apt. 306 :: BED

apt. 306 :: CHAIR
INCLUDES: 2 built-in Poses and a Holy Bible dispenser
PRICE: $214L

apt. 306 :: BOX
INCLUDES: 2 built-in Poses and Jars of Vomit, Piss, Blood and Finger Nails
PRICE: $224L

apt. 306 :: BED 
INCLUDES: 2 built-in Poses plus dirty pillow; bowls of vomit, piss and blood; and three needles
PRICE: $246L 

apt. 306 :: MEDICAL CART
INCLUDES: scalpel, scissors, syringe, bloody gauze and disassembled lamp
PRICE: $120L
apt. 306 :: TREE FRESH
INCLUDES: 3 versions = Strawberry (red), New Car Scent (blue), Evergreen (green)

apt. 306 :: ROOM
INCLUDES: window blinds, fluorescent lights, radiator and SLOTH scrawled in blood
PRICE: $198L

The Festival of Sin begins February 18th. I’ll post links to my store directly… There are some amazing vendors included in this event – it’s definitely worth checking out.

Part 2 of the preview will be tomorrow. You’ll just have to wait, damnit.