That Crazy Casbah Jive

I whipped up this new freebee for VAUGHAN’S :: house of curiosities. My man and I are BIG BIG Clash fans. He talks about Joe Strummer like he’s our next door neighbor. Yeah, it’s that bad!

NEW Freebee!

So The Clash shirt can be worn by men and women, but I figured I would throw one out for the boys. Also, I reworked my Frank Black freebee. The sleeves were buggin’ the shit out of me. I killed those and put a sculpted bottom on it. It flows much better.

REworked Freebee!

Both are available in my shop. Here’s a tp:

Don’t buy the one on Marketplace – it sucks. Go to my shop. It will be fun, I swear. Make sure you say HI to the cow.

Jar of Vomit

So I am running this promotion, that if you join my group – you get a free JAR OF VOMIT. Weird, huh? Yeah. I know.

You see, I am doing the FESTIVAL of SIN and my sin is SLOTH. When I agreed to do the event, I immediately thought of the film Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Maybe it’s because my family is full of David Fincher fans, but that movie was pretty fucking cool when it came out.


Anyways, I created the replica of the room SLOTH, which I blogged about here. One of the items in the room was jars full of biological materials like piss, blood, vomit, etc. So in a grand gesture of GIVING, I decided that would be the perfect item to hand out for a group promotion. Also it would attract the sorta clients I like… weridOs.

So I hope you join and grab the item. It’s in the past noticed dated today. Here the link you put in your chat window to bring up the group information: secondlife:///app/group/132b3d1c-708c-2186-0fb5-414199d84a77/about


Love and Holding Your Hair Back!

Jack or Jill Hunt Brings Sailor Out Of Me

Here we are again. Another grid hunt for Depraved Nations! This time I am doing something for the lads. I created a little Sailor Jerry package of goodness! This includes a faded tank, sleeve tattoo, and a wearable bottle of Spiced Rum. I know there are a few Jerry fans out there on the grid, so you boys get on down to my place.

FREE with the Jack or Jill Hunt

I had a great time creating this for the hunt and I am not sure I will sell if afterwards – so be sure to get a copy. The permissions are copy – NO MOD – NO TRANSFER. The price is free! You just gotta find the sucker.

The hunt runs the entire month of February.

Yours Truly,
Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed.

New Seraphim Freebie!

Just wanted to let you know that Seraphim is putting together a new repository of freebies at their Headquarters! I decided to design this top for the occasion. I know the colors aren’t for everyone, but I totally think they are rockin. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see home blogger match this top with some black leather pants and killer stiletto heels. The top comes Copy/Modify – but no transfer. For information on SERAPHIM, go here: This is a great blog and full endorse it with love and kisses!

Seraphim Freebie by VAUGHAN'S

ALSO! Ken Bastard has some new art up at the Headquarters, so make sure and buy some of it. Fuckin’ culture man. It’s good for you.

Ken and I hanging in SL... well, our products anyways.

A Depraved & Desolate Winter is COMING!

My first grid-wide hunt. I’m officially christened like a virgin on prom night…like on a ship or something? I dunno. I’m fucking delirious. I’ve been baking about 10+ batches of holiday cookies, plus decorating the tree, and putting the finishing touches on the hunt item. OYE!

Hunt runs from December 15 thru January 15!

Okay, so with this hunt item you get the full fat pack: 4 hair colors with 4 matching hair base….but more importantly, you get the self-assurance that you did your job in the hunt. Spoils go to the victor. Amen to that, sister.

Christopher Street Memoir

I hope you like the hair… It’s an homage to Christopher Street in NYC. If you don’t know, Christopher Street is a small mecca in the gay|lesbian|transgender culture. One of my favorite writers has a book store there: Oscar Wilde. He was like arrested and brought to trial for liking men. How fucked up is that? He also is a fucking amazing writer. If you haven’t read The Picture of Dorian Gray – I can loan it to you. Just send you mailing address. It’s fantastic, witty, snarky, sad and little spooky.

“Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world’s original sin. If the cave-man had known how to laugh, History would have been different.”
– Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray Ch. 3

HUNT STARTS December 15!

Frank BLACK Friday

Here’s the official freebie from VAUGHAN’S house of curiosities: a frank black tshirt. Those of you who do not know who Frank Black is, he was instrumental in getting the alternative band THE PIXIES together in the early 1990’s. You will probably recognize his voice as soon as you hear it here.

Frank Black Tshirt Freebie

I hope you enjoy this freebie as much as I did making it.

Much Love,