New MESH Releases from VAUGHAN’S

Two new releases from VAUGHAN’S just in time for absolutely NO holiday events this year. I have flawless timing, didn’t you notice. Anyways, I do hope you enjoy them. DEMOs are available at the shop: KISSES! OXOX

The Sarah Scape
Colors Include: Hazel, Mustard, Teal, Plum
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Also includes alpha.
Price: $210 each OR $750 4pack


Alternative Materials Slacks
Colors Include: Rice, Tarp, Insulation, Organic
Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L
Also includes alpha.
Price: $125 each OR $450 4pack

Fashion Voodoo from VAUGHAN’S

VAUGHAN’S is proud to be apart of the Depraved Nation‘s Fashion Voodoo event. So if you’re sick of all the hub-bub at other conventional events – come by this one. Kehl Razor and Heather Smithson put together one hell of an event. It starts August 10th to the 30th! That gives you twenty days to get your shit together and get on the sim!

For those fine Nubian Ladies

Fir the handsome man in your life…

Partially shaved head with matching hair base!

Let the Priestess in you OUT!

Cast a love spell: some assembly required.

Just what you need for you Kitchen!

Fashion Voodoo website:

Direct TP to my shop at the event:

Events starts August 10th!

That Crazy Casbah Jive

I whipped up this new freebee for VAUGHAN’S :: house of curiosities. My man and I are BIG BIG Clash fans. He talks about Joe Strummer like he’s our next door neighbor. Yeah, it’s that bad!

NEW Freebee!

So The Clash shirt can be worn by men and women, but I figured I would throw one out for the boys. Also, I reworked my Frank Black freebee. The sleeves were buggin’ the shit out of me. I killed those and put a sculpted bottom on it. It flows much better.

REworked Freebee!

Both are available in my shop. Here’s a tp:

Don’t buy the one on Marketplace – it sucks. Go to my shop. It will be fun, I swear. Make sure you say HI to the cow.

Seraphim Has A Birthday

So you know that movie from the 1990’s called Priscilla: Queen of the Desert? I guess I am dating myself by even mentioning it. Well, I was up at 4 in the morning and I was thinking about drag queens. I love them. They are fabulous, colorful and totally a vision to behold. Suddenly, I thought of that legendary flip-flop dress featured in the movie! Next thing I know, I am waving flip-flop sculpts in the air!

Only $10L through the Seraphim Turns One Hunt!

The dress is color scripted, but it’s modify too – so you can tweek it any way you want! Underneath is a sleeveless leotard that will just keep your naughty bits from peeking through – like a good girl.

The Seraphim Turns One Hunt is only going on for a few weeks: July 15th to the 31st. Plus, items are $10L each. After the hunt, the prices go back to being $250L or more. So get over to my shop on the 15th and break out the ABBA records! You’ll have a fucking blast!

NEW from VAUGHAN’S: Plushy Collar with nite lite

So I made this Plushy Collar XTRA SOFT neck warmer for the winter. Then I decided that adding a night-light to it that switches on and off would be a lot of fun. I know. It’s weird.

Only $45L

When I was a little girl I had very bad dreams all the time. I used to need the hall light in our house on for me to sleep at all. Sometimes I would wake up and go crawl into bed with my mom, and dad would have to carry me back into bed when he came up. I always felt safe with the night light. It helped me in so many ways. So, why not pay homage to that? You can wear this neck warmer and never lose your way in the dark.

It’s only $45L  and comes with two attachment points. There is a demo if you need convincing.


Frank BLACK Friday

Here’s the official freebie from VAUGHAN’S house of curiosities: a frank black tshirt. Those of you who do not know who Frank Black is, he was instrumental in getting the alternative band THE PIXIES together in the early 1990’s. You will probably recognize his voice as soon as you hear it here.

Frank Black Tshirt Freebie

I hope you enjoy this freebie as much as I did making it.

Much Love,

Now on Marketplace!

I’ve uploaded the Halloween Hunt goodies onto Marketplace. They are now available for purchase. All are transferable, so buy one for your new friend. It’s very hospitable!

Here’s the 4-1-1:
The Oppenheimer Pipe: Transfer. NO COPY. NO MODIFY. Pipe actually smokes! $76L
Hannah and her Scissors Necklace: Transfer. NO COPY. NO MODIFY. Two Attachment Point Versions $112L
A Dreadful Top: Transfer. NO COPY. NO MODIFY. Comes with 3 layer versions! $88L


Only Two Days LEFT!

Find the Gourd Halloween Hunt ends October 31st!
Don’t get caught with your pants down!

Only two days left for you to find the three hidden gourds at Vaughan’s House of Curiosities! You get these three most excellent prizes!

If you do miss this wonderful hunt, don’t worry. Everything will be on sale next week!

Ain’t life grand?